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Apple Music: Everything You Need to Know about Apple Campaign


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5 Keys to Comparing Car Insurance Rates

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Comparing car insurance rates can be one of the great ways of assessing whether you’re getting the most out of your money or not. Moreover it is everyone’s goal, when it comes to vehicle coverage to have the best car insurance at the lowest possible rate. The best way to get a good car insurance at the lowest price is to compare different car insurance quotes. The Insurance Information Institute (III) does suggest that you should get a minimum of three quotes from auto insurance providers, with each quote you get being for the same set of coverages, limits and deductibles.

If you follow these simple but effective guidelines, you’ll be able to get a proper car insurance comparison among all the options available to you.


  1. Select the Same Liability Limits and coverage

If you want to get accurate car insurance quotes online, you need to make sure that all the policies are on the same playing field to compete for your money. The best way you can do that is to settle on a specific liability limit and coverage plan in order to see what car insurance quotes you’ll be offered for the same limitations and coverage.

By doing this you will avoid making a mistake. When comparing car insurance plans, many people buy a lower priced policy without realizing that it provides less protection or doesn’t provide enough liability coverage compared to one that is only a few dollars more. It is important to research these prices when they offer similar coverage in order to ensure you are getting the best deal for your money without regret.

  1. Set Similar Deductibles

As with liability limits and coverage, it is important that you set a similar deductible when comparing quotes on car insurance. Compare how much you’ll have to pay in premiums after setting a deductible. By settling on a price you are willing to pay out of pocket, you’ll be able to see how much you would have to pay in premiums while also seeing how high of a coverage limit the insurance companies will offer to you. This can help you zero in on a policy that will give you the lowest price on a premium for the same amount of protection.

  1. Get Several Quotes from Multiple Reputable Insurance Companies

In order to get the best car insurance, you should shop around and take a look at various options available to you. If you want to get an accurate auto insurance quote comparison, you’ll need to get car insurance quotes from at least four to five different insurance providers. This will give you good information about the prices available to you. You can then choose the one that suits your needs best by seeing if there are any differences in coverage among the companies you have researched.

This will also help you to fish out any insurance providers who are disreputable. When you’re comparing car insurance offers and you see one that is very much lower than the rest of the field, it’s probably too good to be true. They could be making inaccurate assumptions about your driving profile or just excluding certain types of coverage.

  1. Look Closely at Policy Details, Exclusions, and Additional Services

So at this point you have gone through four or more car insurance quotes that are at the same deductible, have similar coverage, and offer the same liability limits, but you’re still uncertain the decision to make. What do you do? Well, it’s time to do some extra digging.

Go through each insurance policy closely and pay fish out the finer details. It’s possible that some policies exclude certain protections compared to the others or offer less coverage. On the other hand, there could be other policies that include other extra benefits such as rental reimbursement or covering towing costs while offering the same costs for the same coverage as their competitors. These little details can help you determine which insurer is the best for your needs and your wallet when you compare car insurance quotes.

  1. Know that your circumstances could Influence Your Final Cost

Insurance companies want to appeal to as many potential customers as they can, so you’ll likely find many great offers for car insurance online. However, the car insurance quotes they provide might not apply to you given certain circumstances.

If you have traffic citations, previous accidents, or a DUI on your driving record, you might get a higher cost on your insurance policy versus the quote you originally received online. A poor credit score can also influence the final cost of your insurance premium as well. The amount of impact these things could have on your insurance rate varies from insurer to insurer.

However, on the positive side, there are some things that could make the insurance quote you received even cheaper. The insurance company that gave you the quote you want may also offer discounts for being a good student, owning a home, or passing an advanced driving course. It’s important to know these details in order to gauge whether or not the rate you have been quoted will become higher or lower.

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7 Things to Know Before Transferring Money Internationally



If you are like many expats in the UAE, you may be looking to send money back home to your family or to your home country for savings and investments reasons.  Here are some areas to research when selecting your banking methods and getting that hard-earned cash home:

1) UAE Bank Foreign Exchange Rate

This is the most important factor to research, especially if you are transferring large amounts of money.  Since this will have a percentage based reduction to your balance, you want to ensure you have found the best foreign exchange rate from AED to your home currency and that there is a minimal spread between the buy and sell rates published.  Some banks will also let you negotiate this rate, so understand what is possible before ruling the published rate out.

2) Bank Transfer Fees

All UAE banks will charge some amount of international transaction or wire fee with each transfer you initiate back home.  This could be a percentage based, or a fixed fee.  We have found many of the fixed fees at the currency exchange houses to provide the best rates of ~45AED per transfer.

In your home country, some banks will charge a fee to accept international transfers in from other accounts.  It is important to check if your bank does this and add it to the transaction cost.  Try to switch to a fee-free account type or perhaps look for another bank if the fees are adding up.

3) Always Use A Regulated Transfer Company

Your money is precious. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of expatriation by arranging a quick and cheap money transfer with a company you don’t trust. You’ll often pay through the nose in charges and you could kiss goodbye to your money entirely if the company is operating a scam. If you are transferring money from the UK to your UAE bank account, make sure the company you use is FCA regulated.

4) Compare, Compare, Compare

It’s so important to keep an eye on what the exchange rate market is doing and to do a little research as often as possible, especially if you have a big money transfer looming. The good news is that there are many exchange rate and money transfer comparison sites offering reliable services and it’s well worth bookmarking one. It’s important to get competitive prices on each and every trade, so think about opening an account with more than one non-bank foreign exchange specialist.
Try also to benchmark the ‘‘real exchange rate’’ against the ‘‘sell rate’’ you are offered. Use a reputable currency converter and have one to hand next time you make an international payment.

5) Required Documentation

Make sure you know exactly what documents are required to process the transfer, both at the UAE Bank and at the bank in your home country.  In Dubai, the Bank will typically require a copy of your Emirates ID and will need documented proof of the source of funds.  For example, if you are transferring cash Dirhams, the Foreign Exchanger will require a bank receipt showing that the source of funds were withdrawn from an account in your name.  Check with your bank in your home country, as some banks will not accept international wire transfers.

6) Transfer Timing

You should know approximately how long it will take for your funds to arrive in the receiving bank account.  Depending on the type of transfer and service you are using, this can range from less than 1 day, up to 7 business days.  Ask the UAE bank in advance what the typical transaction times are, before you make the transfer.  Make sure you’ve planned far enough in advance to ensure you have the funds available in the right country/account when you need them!

7) Online & Automated Options

If you have a common international bank in both countries, then you may be able to automate international money transfers on a reoccurring basis, to move a certain amount of your balance back home.  This helps to stash away that hard-earned cash and ensure it does not get spent at one of the many Dubai malls or brunches!

Good luck with your international money transfers!  Just remember to try to get the BEST FX RATE POSSIBLE, and keep your transfer fees AS LOW AS POSSIBLE!

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Money Tips

7 Money Mistakes You Should Avoid



Everyone knows what money is, and everyone wishes to have more and more of it. Many problems people have with regards to money stem from the fact that they don’t know well how to handle their money.

People fall into financial crisis even though they have high paying jobs because they don’t know how to use and manage their money. No one is born with the ability of how to make and grow money. Money is something we grow up to meet and hence we need to learn exactly how to work with it.

However, we are born into different families and some of us are brought up having some prior mindset and knowledge about money and the dynamics it entails. Some, facts. Others, just the same old myths.

The hard truth is that most of us handle money very poorly and so it has become an active ingredient in our financial struggles. There are basic things you need to know about money and the decisions you take concerning it if you want to avoid financial problems and not waste the money you worked hard for.


If you wish to have no troubles and worries about money, then you should consider avoiding these common mistakes people make with money.

Spending more than you earn

We live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with images and news about living very luxurious lifestyles and so most people have these lifestyles as their dreams. That is not even the worrying part. People spend on things they don’t really need, using money they borrow, only to keep up with the times. You will forever remain poor if you keep spending beyond your means. Spending less than we earn is a money mistake many people make and continue to make. Live according to your means else you will live your life only trying to settle debts and your future will look miserable waiting for you.

Spending before you save

Saving is the first thing we should do when we receive our money but unfortunately, that is the last thing we want to do with our money. We try to spend on all our needs before we save the remaining. That is one of the mistakes people do with money. Human wants are infinite and so if you want to spend on everything before you save, you’ll never save because you will exhaust your money and still need more to spend. Save first, and spend what is left. Whatever be the case, make sure you save first.

Thinking saving is the ultimate

Most of us think that when we save, then that is it. We leave the money in the bank and we get rich. Money saved should be invested. In the sense that, you need to put your saved money in places where it will multiply. That’s only when you can have enough to cater for your needs. People also tend to reply on the small interest their savings accrue. This is wrong. Look for ways to invest your savings.

Also read: 4 Things You Should Not Forget When You Want to Make an Investment Move.

Not following a budget

One of the things most people overlook when it comes to their money is having a budget. If you don’t have a budget, you’ll spend on things you don’t need as well as not keep money for things that you actually need. You won’t be able to quantify your expenses and you will always have expenses to make. If you have a budget, you’ll know which expenses you can and cannot make and how to allocate your money appropriately to different needs. Always have a budget.

Playing the role of a guarantor

Look, if you know that you won’t be able to pay any money on someone’s behalf, then don’t sign any guarantee for anyone. Don’t deceive yourself that the person is honest enough to be trusted. Anything can happen. So if you know you are not willing to pay for another person’s sake then never make that mistake of signing as a guarantor.

Keeping So much money on you

Why would you keep so much money on you? So that you can buy anything that fulfils your desires? Impulse buying will cripple you! Or do you just want to keep money on you because you think you might need it somehow? This is a mistake many people make. Trying to have as much money on them as their pockets can hold. Keep what you have budgeted to spend on alone with you, and some little extra to cater for stuff that might pop up with urgency. Keep just enough money on you and leave the rest in a safe place.

Trying to solve all problems with money

Money can’t buy happiness indeed! People spend more on things they believe would help ease their stress, take their sadness away or anything that is disturbing them. Sometimes you just need to relax under a tree and perhaps treat yourself with some tea. Never spend too much money trying to make yourself feel good and all. These fulfillment are usually on temporal. Happiness is an inside job.

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Money Tips

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Probably Won’t Be Rich!

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Everyone wants a good life, but only few are willing to do what it takes to get it. The truth is that, there is more than enough wealth in the universe for every single person. But why is it that others get rich whiles others remain poor for the rest of their lives?

Well, people have a stack of excuses that keep preventing them from becoming financially independent. In fact, they don’t even have money in their thinking not to talk of having enough money in their pockets.

Let’s look at the reasons why some people will likely die poor.

“I don’t make enough money to save”

Okay, so you think you have to be making millions before you can save right? If people had to wait till they earned huge sums of money to save then I guess we would have empty savings boxes and bank accounts. Savings doesn’t mean you should put 90% of your income into hiding. You can start saving 10% of your income or even less. Don’t worry about how little you can save. Start, and you will see where you stand financially in some years.

“I will start later”

Even after hearing and reading all there is about getting your finances in order and becoming financially free, people still thrive on the excuse of starting later. Their later is not known even to themselves. Somehow though, they believe they’ll start later, but they never start implementing what they know. Start now with whatever knowledge you have and quit procrastinating!

You spend more than a rich person.

Ha-ha, who doesn’t want to ride in a luxurious car, wear designer clothes and live the “expensive life”? Many people live their lives only to please others or “keep up with the times”. Of course, you can, but only when you have enough to. Most of us are constantly living beyond our means. We earn the least but spend more than the wealthy. Consistent buying of things we don’t need, even if they are not expensive adds up to very high amounts. Truth is, so long as we live beyond our means, we won’t be able to grow wealth. You’re more likely to be rich if you spend like you’re poor.

You fear too much

It’s normal to feel some fear of losing the little money you have. But it is worthy to take calculated risks. Most people would rather spend on beer than invest an equal amount in something which will likely be profitable. So they continue living their lives only trying “manage” with what they have.

You want to Enjoy Immediately

Economist term this as the inability to delay gratification. Majority of people are tempted to spend everything they make and if possible, spending before they even make (borrowing).  There is no way you can become wealthy if you can’t discipline yourself and delay instant enjoyment.

It never occurs to you

Some people have grown up in surroundings where almost no one is wealthy. So they grew up around people who are not wealthy. Their friends aren’t wealthy, neither does anyone they know. If you grew up in a surrounding like this, you may even reach maturity, and it won’t occur to you that it is possible for you to actually have the kind of wealth you see on the television or read in books.

There’s some truth to the popular notion that, the kids of the rich grow up rich, whiles the kids of the poor are more like to grow up poor too. Because sometimes it never even occurs to them that they have to work towards getting wealth.

Money doesn’t bring happiness

As if somehow, lack of wealth brings happiness! Would you rather be rich and happy, or poor and happy? Money is not the problem. You are the problem. Because of your indiscipline and laziness towards putting in work to make yourself financially independent, you blame it on the fact that money is evil and that it doesn’t bring about happiness. Well, if it doesn’t, then neither does an empty pocket bring happiness! You need to pay your bills Lol.

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