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10 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Salary


Are you comfortable with what you receive at the end of the month from your “all-day” job? Many people work 9-5, 5 times every week only to lament about what they receive from their employers at the end of each month. But quitting is not an option because you love the job and the role you play. Or you just aren’t finding any better paying job yet. What if I told you that you can significantly increase the salary you earn at the end of every month, and that all depends on you?

Many employers pay you based on the role you play in the company and the value you add. And so the more you add value, the more your pay rises. Although ultimately, it depends on your employer to decide whether to raise your pay or not, there are things you can do to prove that indeed you are a valuable asset to your team’s maximum success. You don’t have to quit your job if you love doing it. Reality is You’ll have be to be more or do more in order to have your salary increased.

Consider these 10 tips to increase your salary.

Take on Additional Responsibility

If you’re capable and ready to, then you should consider putting up your hand to take on extra responsibilities. Taking on more responsibilities gives signals to your employer about how serious you are. It also serves as a solid basis for you to deserve a salary increase. You could ask your team leader if you can assist in some tasks relating to his manegerial duties and help out.

Master and Become a Boss at What You Do

How long have you been doing what you do at work? Are you at the level where others come to to you seeking solutions to tough problems? If you are, then you are well on your way towards an increase in your salary.

Stay Current on Your Skills and Knowledge 

Learn all you have to learn from your responsibilities at work, but don’t stop there. As the industry is constantly evolving and new knowledge and information keeps emerging, you need to keep up to date on your knowledge and skills so that you won’t be left behind. Having up to date knowledge in your field gives you an upper hand over your colleagues and that definitely will reflect on your paycheck.

Gain Additional Qualifications

The more skills you have to bring to the table, the more your employer sees you valuable. Having additional Qualifications is a sure way of negotiating for a promotion at work which will surely result in an increased salary. Your practical experience coupled with a sound understanding of the theories behind what you practice makes you a better employee.

Seek Feedback on a Regular Basis

You should make it a habit to regularly seek feedback and constructive criticisms from your manager about your performance. Not only will you learn about what to improve or keep up, but you will also realise which areas your manager thinks you are doing very well in. This also is a good basis to succeed in negotiating for a salary increase.

Be Consistent on Your Performance 

Because you have been able to increase in rank and increased your salary does not mean you should relax and get lax about the things you did to get there. You need to demonstrate consistent performance so as to move further and further. The way you keep your self up there determines how long you stay there. So don’t lose guard. Keep your performance level high.

Do The Dirty Job

There may be roles that no one wants to take up. It  will be a big plus to take them on nonetheless and perform them. Let your impact be felt everywhere. Managers notice whatever employees do which adds to the company, so when the time comes for promotion or other incentives, people who exhibit excellence and dedication towards the job are given golden spoons.

Be Unique

Don’t be like every other employee or try to Compare yourself to them. You’re different and each of you have a different level of dedication to the job. You’d be telling your manager that you’re just like any other employee and hence you don’t deserve to be paid any higher. So set your self apart from your colleagues and stand out as a hardworking and serious employee.

Take active part in professional organizations

Get involved in professional organizations in your field as it is a good way of bolstering your carrier. It also serves as good networking opportunities for you.

Be Kind

Be kind to everyone in the work place. Don’t look down on anyon but show appropriate respect to each and every employee as well as your manager. This might not instantly result in salary increase but in the long run it will come handy.


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