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The Top 7 Reasons Why You Probably Won’t Be Rich!

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Everyone wants a good life, but only few are willing to do what it takes to get it. The truth is that, there is more than enough wealth in the universe for every single person. But why is it that others get rich whiles others remain poor for the rest of their lives?

Well, people have a stack of excuses that keep preventing them from becoming financially independent. In fact, they don’t even have money in their thinking not to talk of having enough money in their pockets.

Let’s look at the reasons why some people will likely die poor.

“I don’t make enough money to save”

Okay, so you think you have to be making millions before you can save right? If people had to wait till they earned huge sums of money to save then I guess we would have empty savings boxes and bank accounts. Savings doesn’t mean you should put 90% of your income into hiding. You can start saving 10% of your income or even less. Don’t worry about how little you can save. Start, and you will see where you stand financially in some years.

“I will start later”

Even after hearing and reading all there is about getting your finances in order and becoming financially free, people still thrive on the excuse of starting later. Their later is not known even to themselves. Somehow though, they believe they’ll start later, but they never start implementing what they know. Start now with whatever knowledge you have and quit procrastinating!

You spend more than a rich person.

Ha-ha, who doesn’t want to ride in a luxurious car, wear designer clothes and live the “expensive life”? Many people live their lives only to please others or “keep up with the times”. Of course, you can, but only when you have enough to. Most of us are constantly living beyond our means. We earn the least but spend more than the wealthy. Consistent buying of things we don’t need, even if they are not expensive adds up to very high amounts. Truth is, so long as we live beyond our means, we won’t be able to grow wealth. You’re more likely to be rich if you spend like you’re poor.

You fear too much

It’s normal to feel some fear of losing the little money you have. But it is worthy to take calculated risks. Most people would rather spend on beer than invest an equal amount in something which will likely be profitable. So they continue living their lives only trying “manage” with what they have.

You want to Enjoy Immediately

Economist term this as the inability to delay gratification. Majority of people are tempted to spend everything they make and if possible, spending before they even make (borrowing).  There is no way you can become wealthy if you can’t discipline yourself and delay instant enjoyment.

It never occurs to you

Some people have grown up in surroundings where almost no one is wealthy. So they grew up around people who are not wealthy. Their friends aren’t wealthy, neither does anyone they know. If you grew up in a surrounding like this, you may even reach maturity, and it won’t occur to you that it is possible for you to actually have the kind of wealth you see on the television or read in books.

There’s some truth to the popular notion that, the kids of the rich grow up rich, whiles the kids of the poor are more like to grow up poor too. Because sometimes it never even occurs to them that they have to work towards getting wealth.

Money doesn’t bring happiness

As if somehow, lack of wealth brings happiness! Would you rather be rich and happy, or poor and happy? Money is not the problem. You are the problem. Because of your indiscipline and laziness towards putting in work to make yourself financially independent, you blame it on the fact that money is evil and that it doesn’t bring about happiness. Well, if it doesn’t, then neither does an empty pocket bring happiness! You need to pay your bills Lol.


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